The programme of the 1st edition of Biennale Warszawa “Let’s Organize Our Future!”was a summary, completion and extension of two years of the institution’s activities (2017–2019), focused around issues related to new political projects, as well as economic, social, ecological and educational alternatives.

October 2017

the beginning of the work on the programme of the 1st edition, first performative activities “Solidarity. New Project” and “Workplace”

January 2018

first discursive activities: “Solidarity 2.0,” “Anthropology of planetary urbanisation,” “The performativity of the protest” in our new headquarters at Mokotowska 29a

April-May 2018

the first interdisciplinary programme – “The Atlas of Planetary Violence” [incl. performances “Modern Slavery” and “Global Civil War”], the series Counter-Work, “Rage Review” at the Museum of Modern Art at Pańska

June 2018

29th Conference INURA “Footloose Warsaw,” creation of an alternative map of Warsaw, the beginning of social activities with the RePrezentacje programme

September 2018

The start of a discursive programme: “What awaits us?”, “Future is monstrous: fantasy, Anthropocene and the end of nature,” “Cultures of anticipated futures;” The start of the “Disability and society” programme in cooperation with Theatre 21

October-November 2018

first visual activities – “SKIP THE LINE! Populism and promises of the present,” the opening of the new space for artistic activities at Marszałkowska 34/50, new website

January 2019

first programme announcements; the launch of workshops for the public in several Warsaw districts

April 2019

publication of the Biennale Warszawa 2019 programme

May-June 2019

Biennale Warszawa 2019 1st edition "Let's Organise Our Future!"
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