Workplace and Solidarity. New project at TR Warszawa

 In “Solidarity. The New Project” directed by Paweł Wodziński some unique archival materials are used. They refer to the social foundations of the freedom movement that Polish Solidarity was. They are presented and performatively recreated in a way that allows to test an idea of building a social mass movement based on the rules of a direct democracy. It is a performative leaning into the future and an attempt to assess the current chances for self-determination of societies which is a democratic answer to the rise of nationalist spirits and authoritarian actions of authorities.

“The Workplace” directed by Bartosz Frąckowiak is a performance originating from the awareness of the work crisis and the sense of the lack of alternatives for the current economic situation, alongside the strong belief that the capitalist model has been exhausted. In the face of disturbing events, such as recession or stagnation, public subsidies to the financial sector, the growth of the public debt, liabilities in the private sector and disrupted work relations, the performance engages in a discussion about the work of the future and its possibilities. An alternative world vision is presented — a world where working relations are shaped in a different way than today and assessed with a different set of more equal criteria.

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