René Alejandro Huari Mateus

After 17 years in Germany, René now wonders why he*she still goes to the Foreigners’ Registration Office so frightened and why he*she still feels that he*she is too often treated as a fresh tourist in ordinary public establishments. René has studied and worked in Germany as a dancer, performer and choreographer, and it is not only in these areas that René’s identity is found at the intersection of class, gender and origin discrimination. His*Her artistic practice is always developed in collaboration with other artists, but often also with the active participation of people who do not normally make art, always in search for non-representation of the structures of violence, not even in order to criticize them.

René is positive that the fruitful tension between choreography and dance can be perceived and applied as an instrument that stimulates queer and feminist thinking with regard to the reflection on the coexistence of people who have emigrated to Germany for different reasons and those who have lived in the country for a long time. René is likewise in favour of finding and recovering ways of collectivising social reproduction, because history has contaminated us with the delusional need to procreate individualistic subjects within closed families, which exist in all senses with the sole reason to accumulate.