The programme of Biennale Warszawa concentrates on new forms of democracy, solidarity, organisation and cooperation that are practiced at the level above and below the national state. We strive to design alternatives for current solutions, expanding horizons of the socio-political imagination, and create new institutional and organisational formulas.

The first line concerns various models of democracy beyond the national state, grassroot forms of self-governance and self-organisation, the methods of human self-determination. We would like to problematise the formula of representative democracy in order to discover the multiplicity of lifestyles in a truly democratic way: in systems and social relations releasing human agency, within broad local and grassroot alliances.

Transnational alliances are equally important, as they link people from different regions across the world in working for the common good of a planetary reach. This is precisely to what we devote our second programming line in which, instead of negotiating identities and discussing differences, we want to respond to transnational phenomena (such as migration, climate change, planetary violence, inequalities), creating new forms of organisation, solidarity and cooperation.

The place which enables articulating local and planetary democracy is the city. This is why our third programming line is devoted to the democratic metropolis. We understand the city as a place of friction and flow of people, capitals, ideologies, goods and images. By analysing its planetary dimensions, we primarily want to work on practicing the idea of “the right to the city,” encompassing within its reach broad social groups of its residents. All three programming lines are executed as a part of Biennale Warszawa ongoing activities, leading to a two month long event in May and June 2019.


Direct Democracy

Democratic Education

Democratic Metropolis

Transnational Solidarity and Planetary Commons

Alternative Futures

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