The visual in the service of the climate

A webinar with RATS Agency in the series "How to talk about the climate crisis?"

We live in the world of violent changes: political, technological, social, and – above all – climate changes. Each day we are flooded with information that either helps or makes it more difficult to describe this world, understand it and consider it our own. The climate crisis can be discussed at a global and local level, emotionally or scientifically. It can be done via newspaper columns or Spotify. We can use a single photo, or an entire set of words.


The objective of the webinar is increasing participants’ visual awareness and looking at the transmedia way of depicting the climate crisis. We will have a conversation about navigating the world of information divided among various media and communication platforms. We will look at how media and images build the “us–them” relationship, in order to make the message heard, understood and internalised. We will discuss archives of images concerning the climate crisis (e.g. Climate Visuals). We will also devote attention to reporting and illustrating this phenomenon in the local context. We will also investigate the ethical aspect of messages, i.e. ways of establishing limits of what we want to say.

Information about registration

The number of places is limited. Participation is free. Please register via the application form available on our website. We ask you to kindly submit a short (up to 1000 characters incl. spaces) justification for the application to participate in the workshop.

Registration will be open until 16 March. Then we will read your justifications and confirm participation via e-mail.