How to talk about the climate crisis?
The summary of a series of meetings

Moderators: Aleksandra Jach, RATS Agency

We wanted to discuss the climate crisis, but we were surprised by the pandemic crisis. In March 2020, the authorities started to introduce increasingly strict limitations on movement and gatherings, both professional and private. In the meantime, we continued our online meetings. Our first guests were the members of the RATS Agency who talked about their strategies for artistic and civic activities using new technologies. The second meeting was conducted by Glen Tarman – cofounder of the Liberate Tate collective, sharing his experiences of climate activism in cultural institutions. The last event was moderated by Dr Adam Levy (ClimateAdam) who, together with workshop participants, analysed attitudes and tools for climate journalism.

Link to the open ZOOM Meeting:
Meeting ID: 828 1176 0194

We would like to invite you to the conclusion of the series conducted by its curator Aleksandra Jach and members of the RATS Agency in which we will recall key ideas, tools and strategies that came up in our meetings. We will also talk about how we can learn more about them, what other ideas come to mind and how to relate it all to the pandemic situation. 

Everyone is welcome, whether you participated in previous meetings or not.