Biennale Warszawa is an interdisciplinary cultural institution conducting artistic, research, educational and social activities. It operates at the intersection of various disciplines, combining the area of culture and art with the area of theory and research, as well as social activism.

Its work is managed by a curatorial team and based on the cooperation with other entities: cultural institutions, NGOs, social initiatives, artists, creators, researchers, and activists working in all fields within the interests of the Biennale.
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Within its statutory activities, BW maintains an ongoing programme of interdisciplinary activities in the form of curatorial/artistic and research explorations, in preparation for an international Biennale, understood as a series of interdisciplinary events going beyond strictly theatrical activities.
The idea of the Biennale is based on the premise that culture and art play a vital role in building modern, tolerant, critical society, operating with the respect for democracy and civic liberties, diversity of beliefs, religions, sexual orientations and backgrounds.
Its ongoing activities aim at supporting the cultural activity of citizens. They focus on seeking out new audiences, encouraging participation, promoting active, emancipatory civic attitudes, as well as the idea of economic, social, cultural and political equality.