Taking over the stage. A polyphonic manifesto for the future
Zorka Wollny i Chór Polin

The social choir for/of the future involves creating an experimental manifesto prepared by a collective choir of amateurs and professionals, Poles as well as representatives of minorities and immigrants, diverse groups that will work together around issues connected to projects for the future, inclusion-exclusion, social integration, community, and collective voices. The manifesto will become a collection of social experiences, guidelines, directions for change, presenting the multiplicity of perspectives and experiences, but also looking for what is common, including the possibility of creating new alliances. At the level of methodology, the action will be the attempt to face the category of a “social project” and expand the fields of participation. Despite looking for what we share, we will not be insisting on finding harmony; on the basis of the common rhythm and structure, we will be rather looking for the collective polyphony based on individual expressions, and attempts to achieve and maintain mindfulness to others. There will be room for chance, pauses, quiet voices. Preludes to the final manifesto will be heard during selected Biennale Warszawa events in the form of interventions, choral commentaries. The final piece will resound on 23 June 2019 in the Biennale Warszawa main venue, as well as the public space around it.

Taking over the stage. A polyphonic manifesto for the future is an interdisciplinary project, with intertwined areas of artistic activity, social activism and research in action. It opens up the platform for designing the future through reinforcing grass-root communities, encouraging those who deny themselves “social competences” to use their voice in the public debate to speak up and design, thereby creating space for inclusive, engaging social debate.