Tours of the Warsaw of the Future
Alicja Rogalska

Pre-enactments are guided tours around Warsaw, based on a futuristic narrative focusing on social and political threads of alternative, diverse, egalitarian, environmental and fair futures of the Polish capital. Streets, buildings, institutions, monuments, elements of the urban space, trees and plants, everyday activities and gestures will be interpreted through the filter of future utopias, as if they were present even now, or existing within our reach. Tours will be planned by an interdisciplinary team comprising local residents, activists, researchers into sci-fi, immigrants. They will become guides of the tours, whose route will connect the POLIN Museum and the venue of Biennale Warszawa.

Pre-enactments tours are part of the project titled Taking over the stage. A polyphonic manifesto for the future is an interdisciplinary project, with intertwined areas of artistic activity, social activism and research in action. It opens up the platform for designing the future through reinforcing grass-root communities, encouraging those who deny themselves “social competences” to use their voice in the public debate to speak up and design, thereby creating space for inclusive, engaging social debate.


The team collaborating on tour itineraries: Agnieszka Haska (sociologist and cultural studies expert), Viera Hres (Warsaw resident from a Faraway Country), Edka Jarząb (performer and sonic artist), Jerzy S. Majewski (varsavianist), Joanna Ostrowska (historian and film studies expert), Monika Sadkowska (climate activist), Beata Siemieniako (lawyer and housing activist), Jerzy Stachowicz (cultural studies expert, academic lecturer), Irena Szanser (Esperantist), Marek Ślusarz (local activist)


guides: Jolanta Gęgotek, Oleksandr Hres, Agnieszka Pogorzelska