The World After the Pandemic”
Residency programme

Biennale Warszawa invites artists, curators, researchers and activists to participate in the residency programme “COVID-19. The World After the Pandemic”.

A month-long online residency is an opportunity for exchange and collaboration, combining artistic and research work, for ten residents who will work with the Biennale Warszawa team for the duration of the programme. We expect the participants to be ready for the exchange of knowledge and experiences concerning artistic and socio-political context of their work and research, as well as contribution to the discussion on alternative economic, social, political, ecologic, educational and cultural models which could be introduced after the COVID-19 pandemic. We request that each resident prepares a short written “report” containing ideas or recommendations. The residency is not organised to produce any particular work, but some of the initiated activities – ideas elaborated in the course of the programme – can be continued and developed in the further Biennale Warszawa programming.


Duration of the residency: May 2020 – December 2020 (dates of each month-long residency will be arranged with each resident)

Application deadline: 3 May 2020

The list of residents invited to participate will be published on 8 May 2020


The decision to accept candidates will be based on the assessment of their previous work, as well as a page-long description of their preliminary concept of artistic, activist or research activities which pertain to the topic of the residency.

We would like to encourage particularly applications from artists, curators, researchers, and activists residing in Poland or related to Poland, without a permanent work affiliation (permanent work contract, or other type of permanent employment). We do not set any limitations on art disciplines, research fields or forms of activist work.


What we offer:
– “scholarship” (remuneration based on a contract for specific work [UoD]) of 3000 PLN net;
– programme adopted to the participants, featuring lectures, presentations and discussions;
– opportunity to participate in the events organised by Biennale Warszawa.

How to apply?
An electronic application should be sent in a single document to the e-mail address: biuro@biennalewarszawa.pl. The document should be prepared in the form of a pdf file described according to the scheme: name_name_application.pdf.

The application should contain:
– information about professional experience in the form of a portfolio containing descriptions of five projects max.;
– cover letter with a text (up to 300 words) which will constitute a preliminary draft / description of the concept for artistic, activist, or research activities pertaining to the topic of the residency;
– candidate’s CV.

Results of selection

Thank you for submitting applications and proposals of concept activities for the residency programme “COVID-19. The World After the Pandemic.” The quality of submissions was remarkably high, and in many instances their topics fit the programme outline perfectly. Therefore, we decided to increase the number of places in the programme to 15 residences.

We received 86 applications. After reading all submission, we selected the proposals which promised the greatest potential for developing concrete recommendations, propositions for actions and projects of changes related to programming political, social, ecological, and economic alternatives.

We would like to invite the following applicants to participate in the residency programme:

Monika Drożyńska

Kornelia Dzikowska

Marek Golonko

Anka Herbut

Julia Holewińska, Tomasz Szerszeń

Katarzyna Kalwat, Beniamin Bukowski

Daniel Kotowski

Romuald Krężel

Magdalena Mosiewicz

Justyna Orłowska

Małgorzata Owczarska

Arek Pasożyt

Marta Romankiv

Tytus Szabelski

Bartosz Wójcik


We will contact you to arrange the details of the cooperation in the near future.

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The World After the Pandemic”
Residency programme