Our workday at Amazon / Factory without lights

Project author: Tytus Szabelski

In a video installation displayed in the Biennale Warszawa front window, Tytus Szabelski will present the new version of the found footage collage “Our workday at Amazon”. The video takes to the absurd level the vision of work in warehouses of the online shopping giant propagated in promotional videos and pseudo-journalistic materials. It will be accompanied by a draft of the upcoming video “Factory without lights” which will juxtapose abstracted pieces of automatic machinery with the stories of human solidarity of Amazon’s employees.

The video will be displayed from 1 to 8 December in the window of Biennale Warszawa at Marszałkowska 34/50 (MA34/50).

Tytus Szabelski’s work within the residency programme “COVID-19. The World After the Pandemic.”