“COVID-19. The World After the Pandemic”
A new series from Biennale Warszawa

Press release

Soon, a text by Jan J. Zygmuntowski, Biennale Warszawa will inaugurate  the series “COVID-19. The World After the Pandemic.” The aim of the project is creating political, economic or ecological alternatives which can be gasped easier in the times of crisis.

The pandemic is highlighting the topics which underpinning the Biennale Warszawa programming: subjects exploring the causes and workings of contemporary mechanisms that destabilise political, social, economic and environmental systems, and lead to conflicts or crises that threaten the entire planet. Working on the assumption that the opportunity for introducing change depends to a large extent on the proper understanding of problems, fill programmes with content and, as a result, their implementation, Biennale launches the series “COVID-19. The World After the Pandemic.” We are inviting our collaborators to write texts that describe the present state of play and put forward ideas that might help usher in the change we all need.

All texts will be published free of charge on the Biennale Warszawa website as an online journal. The series starts with the already published piece by Jan J. Zygmutowski, A Decade of Regeneration.
How We Beat the Coronavirus, and the Crisis of Capitalism Too. Soon we will also publish an article authored by Agata and Zuzanna Dziuban: Conditional support. Necropolitics and Solidarity in the Times of Crisis. Collaborations planned so far include Jan Sowa, Łukasz Moll and Jonas Staal. The ideas we develop will be translated into artistic and activist practice of Biennale Warszawa.



Subsequent publications and authors joining the project will be announced on the Biennale Warszawa website.


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