Methodology of the future

WORKSHOPS for teachers, animators and other people working with the youth

School is not an isolated education lab, a place of learning which prepares for the adult life, but one of the centres of social life. A field of ongoing negotiations where interpersonal conflicts resound and media narratives are manifested. It also constitutes one of the most important areas of political, ideological manipulation, as well as the tool of class reproduction. However, a local elementary school  can still be a meeting place for people from various social classes, with different cultural capitals and life experiences. In this diversity we see the power of the school’s potential to animate, which bursts social bubbles and builds internally diverse communities gathered around a single purpose – education. This is why we provide teachers with tools to talk to their students about urgent problems of the contemporary world. We raise issues connected with migrations, preventing discrimination and hate speech. We sensitize to the critical analysis of the media, images and texts of culture.

Maja Dobiasz-Krysiak, Center for Citizenship Education