Samanta Arango Orozco

Samanta was born and raised in a coffee producing region of Colombia, surrounded by mountains, inhabited by native people opposing the homogenization of the countryside and transforming it into green deserts colonized by coffee monocultures. The policies of the national government led to the breakdown of the social fabric and the implementation of the system of exploitation which results in the destruction of various forms of life.

Witnessing the exploitation and violence to which inhabitants of her region were subjected, Samanta decided to take up anthropology studies and devote herself to the processes supporting the construction of a dignified world and countryside autonomy. She is currently a member of the Semillas Group, an organisation which for 15 years has been devoted to the protection of native seeds. Samanta supports a manner of communication which allows for reflection and expression of people, based on their experiences and knowledge, while supporting their struggle for defending their territory and dignified life.