Rachel Dedman

Rachel Dedman is a curator and writer. Based in Beirut since 2013, her exhibition-making practice is characterised by a commitment to challenging reductive regionalisms, and addressing local political conditions. Alongside research-driven work, Rachel is invested in the building of communal structures and collective projects — such as Mansion, Beirut, a public site and set of studio spaces, and the commissioning platform polycephaly.net, which she co-founded.

Current/recent curatorial work includes projects for Ashkal Alwan (Beirut), Kettle’s Yard (Cambridge), the Tricycle Theatre (London), the Jerusalem Show IX (Jerusalem), and the Palestinian Museum (Ramallah). As one third of Earth Hold, Rachel is currently exploring the political history and planetary potential of radio and the broadcast, which she will be developing as part of the residency at Ujadowski.

Rachel studied art history at Oxford and Harvard, and writes, speaks and teaches across the Middle East and Europe.