Ewelina Godlewska-Byliniak

Cultural studies researcher, graduate of the College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities (2006), currently assistant professor in the Section for Theatre and Performance at the institute of polish Culture, University of Warsaw. Author of books Tadeusz Kantor: sobowtór, melancholia, powtórzenie [Tadeusz Kantor: doppelganger, melancholy, repetition] (2011) and Teatr radio-logiczny Tymoteusza Karpowicza [The radio-logical theatre of Tymoteusz Karpowicz] (2012), editor of the anthology Odzyskiwanie obecności. Niepełnosprawność w teatrze i performansie [Reclaiming presence. Disability in theatre and performance] (2017). Her work is devoted to selected phenomena in (mostly 20th century) theatre, historical and cultural changeability of the notion of melancholy, the category of voice in contemporary humanities, as well as the issue of representing diversity (especially body diversity) in culture. Currently, her research interests focus on the category of disability in theatre and performances of the 20th century.