Christian Chokola Muhigwa

He was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and studied in Kenya, DR Congo, Burundi and Germany by following a scientific, engineering and even artistic path. Christian works on engineering projects and architectural concepts, trying to help, step by step, his community to overcome anarchy in urban areas, areas trapped between mundialization and the essence of traditional life. He also encourages sanitarians, urbanists, architects, artists, engineers and technicians to seek more and more for better understanding and development in their communities by giving them enough information about computerized methods, recent technologies. Christian moved to Germany for researches and academic reasons, he also got introduced to the artistic domain revealing sociopolitical problems affecting nature and life quality. He worked with director and filmmaker Daniel Kötter on the Performance (Kunstfest Weimar 2017) and the Workshop Kongo in Köln (Impulse Theater Festival 2018). He usually participates in conferences and debates dealing with development subjects. He participates intensively by advocating unity and solidarity in the Congolese community while living in Burundi.