Oleksiy Radynski

During his residency at Biennale Warszawa, Oleksiy Radynski will pursue a research project developed collectively with the Red Forest collective  that interlinks extractivism and datafication during the age of climate damage, and imagines the strategies of transformative justice. Red Forest is a collective that works on the intersections of research, art, political imagination, and social actions. Red Forest are Diana Mccarty, David Munoz Alcantara and Mijke van der Drift and Oleksiy Radynski.

In Warsaw, Oleksiy will be working on editing a new video work by the Red Forest collective, based on the experimental performance Sambatas Stagings that took place in Kyiv in August 2021. He will also do research in Warsaw-based film archives for the upcoming video projects.

The residency runs from October 9 to November 9, 2021 and is a preparation for the second edition of the biennial.