Imagining possible futures, building Networks of Trust

Workshops by Kyriaki Goni

Real time science-fiction put in practice as a possibility of community building and repairing the present through the future.

This is a time and space to pause, and think. When was the last time you wrote your thoughts or a short imaginary story down? When did you lastly leave your imagination run free? Storybuilding and storytelling as a practice can be found in every society on the planet since very early ages. This ritual kept people together, was a way to banish fears, to envision the future, to pass knowledge between generations, to connect with the non-human.

The activation of the node starts with interaction among the participants and discussion on the regional and broader characteristics and particularities regarding themes such as the climate crisis, population movement, networks, technologies. After that, participants are invited to create speculative narratives about the possible futures in their region using a simple writing tool kit.

By expressing fears and hopes about the future in these stories, this activation seeks to understand and repair the present and envision a better future.

Free entrance, registration required, on a first-come, first-served basis, in English, without translation