In the district
Different faces — one photo

A neighbor is someone who lives next to somebody else or is simply right there with you in this moment. By organizing this day in the district we wish to provide with time and space for inhabitants of Warsaw to meet, regardless whether you are rooted in the city with a long family history or you arrived and settled here for a reason, recently or already a while ago. Many of you haven’t had a chance to become familiar with each other – then come by 12 May to Muzeum Warszawskiej Pragi – let’s come together for “na rajoni”!

During this day we are going to: talk, eat, walk, dance, make memorable pictures in the unique photo booth, listen, explore, try things out, play, learn, exchange and rest together. 

With us in the district:

DJ Tapolsky (Kyiv)

Kuchnia konfliktu

Palce lizać

Maga Hueckel

Biennale Warszawa

 If you want to propose an activity that can expand this day’s program, or you want to simply present yourself and offer something to the others, or simply you have questions to us – please write a message to this address:

The event takes place in the frame of Kijowska project, created by Dima Levytskyi and his artistic team for Biennale Warszawa and their program “Let’s organize our future!”