Activism vs. acting

Moderators: Amel Mana, Jula Strzemińska

The subtle notional difference between activism and action hides the crucial rift between approaches to political activity. Is activism and organisation the same thing? We invite you to reflect together on how, in the capitalist order, figures of activists and those who act function. We will talk about self-identification, strategies and tools that constitute the categories we discuss. At a time when it is necessary in a way for political activity to use tools supplied by the largest global corporations (Facebook/YouTube/Instagram), the line between the activity within capitalism and the activity in line with and dictated by its logic is not clear. When social media tools cease to be only an instrument of propaganda and become a manifestation of self-expression and lifestyle?

The discussion will hopefully inform preparing the way in which the second edition of the Polish Social Forum will be organised in autumn 2020.