Media oblivion to anticapitalism – how to create leftist media without sponsors and a huge budget?

Moderator: Roman Kurkiewicz, guest:

Almost all discussions of problems which grassroot anticapitalist movement shave eventually reach a point where the media turn out to be an insurmountable obstacle. Almost total absence of left-wing media prevents many initiatives and and successes of bottom-up movements from reaching the public opinion. The only tools left are social media in which the reach of the content depends not on the importance and scale of the issues raised, but on their own profitability algorithms for this content. There were numerous attempts to create independent leftist media projects, and even if at a certain point they had been successful, they did not survive the test of time. On the other side – of liberal and conservative media – there is an unmovable blockade of subjects questioning the principles of the free market economy.

Is there a remedy for this media oblivion of the anticapitalist left? How to create effective projects and campaigns in traditional and social media, to reach and deliver your message without significant funds? Is the project of left-wing media only a pipe dream nowadays?