Internationalism as the direction of actions for Kurdish feminism

Meeting with a Women Defend Rojava activist

The meeting will be held in English.
Simultaneous interpreting to Polish will be available.

What makes revolution a revolution of women? What does an actual realisation of society based on direct democracy look like? What changed in everyday lives of Rojava women? How, in 21st century, can we create and practice forms of communal life alternative to capitalism and patriarchy? What can contemporary Poland learn from Rojava?

The meeting will revolve around the subject of the internationalist organisation of Kurdish movement and feminism. Why is it that revolution can only be successful in cooperation, solidarity and joint struggle organised not only locally, but also globally.

On 9 October 2019 Rojava was attacked by Turkey and its allied jihadists and since then, the war in the region has continued. Our solidarity and protest against violence and cynical politics of superpowers is urgently needed. Our meeting in Warsaw is the answer to the pressing need to find together the answer to the question: how can we support Kurdish feminist struggle? How can we join it in order to act effectively? The meeting will provide an opportunity to encounter people willing to act for Rojava in Warsaw.