Opeyemi Balogun

Head of PR and Social, responsible for the media and press relations within the Lagos Biennial. Opeyemi Balogun lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a photographer, researcher and aspiring art curator in the photography and street art/graffiti idioms. He has worked as a commercial photographer/freelance photojournalist and a curatorial/gallery assistant. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos. He has volunteered as part of the press team responsible for daily newsletters at the yearly iREP Documentary Film Festival from 2013 to 2018. Opeyemi has also been part of the team of the Lagos Biennial in 2017 (as the head of media and communications) and in 2019 (as the media and press relations officer). Opeyemi has a multidisciplinary approach to the arts and its intersection with design, commerce, advertising, cultural anthropology, ethnomusicology, popular culture, politics, technology, literature, social activism and social justice through photography, documentary filmmaking, emerging forms of transmedia storytelling, installations, creative writing, performing arts and graffiti/street art. He is currently developing new skills in arts/cultural management, non-profit fundraising and project management for large-scale cultural events.