Joanna Bojczewska

(Poland) She is an agroecology and permaculture educator. Starting as a food-growing apprentice at Organiclea Workers’ Cooperative in 2012, she has been gardening on a micro-scale for over 8 years in Poland and abroad, including 3 years of market gardening and now playing on her educational field – EKOPOLETKO. With a degree in Social Anthropology (LSE), her specialisation is in the areas of learning, enskillment and knowledge transmission. She has co-authored permaculture workshops and co-designed cross-sectorial, intergenerational Agro-Perma-Lab  trainings: on Global Agroecology  in 2019 and on Community Seed Homes  in 2021. She combines education, awareness raising with the creative process by making short films, podcasts and grassroots research. A co-founder of Agro-Perma-Lab Foundation and Nyeleni Polska Food Sovereignty network in Poland and a graduate of the Ecological Folk Highschool (EUL). In teaching food growing, she sees the most direct way to rekindle ecosystemic awareness and to become practical agents of ecological and societal transitions.