Susanne Hofmann-Souki

(Germany) She has co-developed methods of experiential and practical learning in her international project activities and as a lecturer in agricultural economics. She enjoys facilitating learning processes in groups – including at polyculture seminars on a pioneer polyculture farm in Austria. In Berlin, she has started teaching these polyculture concepts in the context of urban gardening. At the Technical University of Berlin she investigates and supports logistical solutions for small-scale regional supply networks. She is a member of the board of the Association for AgriCulture and Ecology in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe (Agrecol) where she co-organises seminars on various topics related to sustainable agriculture and rural development. Ever since her youth, she has created gardens wherever she lived, and has learnt farming in practice and theory – on large and small farms, as well as at the university. Since her own garden plots are still too small, she also volunteers in the development of a local food collective in Berlin. Her favourite time in the garden is spring, when everything there looks so promising and eager to flourish.