International Forum of Permaculture Educators

Closed workshops session

Graphic design: Michał Dąbrowski
Graphic design: Michał Dąbrowski
On 15 May, as part of the International Forum of Permaculture Educators, we will hold a several hours’ long online workshop for participants selected in the recruitment process. During the forum, we want to look at how we can join in the process of transforming the food system, so that everyone can benefit from healthier nutrition and co-create conditions for its production. How to deal with current social and climate change, and what can be the alternative to the previous system?

The purpose of this meeting is sharing practical tools for permaculture education, personal philosophies and inspiring experiences. If we understand permaculture not just as a tool for designing gardens, settlements or eco-villages, but in a broader sense, as the opportunity for creating deep relationships with the land and people, forming communities producing food now and in the post-pandemic future, it could become a vehicle for social, environmental, and economic change, and education will play an essential role in the process. Therefore we will co-create knowledge, drawing on our experiences, and already developed tools, as well as inspire one another. How can we develop as permaculture educators, and how can we encourage others to follow that path? How to talk about reciprocal connections that will create healthy and sustainable whole rooted in the ethics of care for the Earth, its people and all other beings living on our planet?

Workshop participants:



Krzysztof Marciniak (auditing within cooperation with “Dwutygodnik”)


Participants of the Forum will also include members of the international educators’ collective formed by educators and practitioners of permaculture and agroecology from Poland, Spain, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Germany. Since February 2021, the collective has been working within the project The Supermarket Museum: Living Together within Limits of the Agro-Perma-Lab Foundation, a partner of Biennale Warszawa, on the visionary approach to teaching food-growing and agriculture, which will be showcased during the Forum, as well as on the website of the virtual exhibition “The Supermarket Museum.”

Participants of the Forum from the Collective: