Habiba Youssef

(Spain / Lebanon) Holds a BA in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development. She worked in international aid, coordinating rural development projects in North Africa, Spain and Lebanon. Since 2013, she has been coordinating and working in several kitchen and market gardens in Spain. PDC in 2016 in Manresa, Catalunya. PTM (permaculture teaching matters) in 2019, curriculum developed by Rosemary Morrow in La Bolina and in Bulgaria. Co‐funder of La Bolina, association that works in the Granada Province, Spain. Coordinates the Land Regeneration and Agroecology circle of La Bolina. Conducted three agroecology and permaculture trainings for migrants and refugees in Granada. Keen to share the importance of conscious participation in the food growing system and food sovereignty, as well as the importance improving the connection between urban and rural areas.