Jana Koznarova

(Czech Republic) She has lived and worked in the center of ecological education and worked as a lecturer of environmental education for pupils, teachers and the public for five years. She started work for the association of local food initiatives in September 2017. Together with her colleagues, she was coordinating CSA food initiatives, making workshops, consulting, creating the map of the farmers and CSAs and educating children and adults. She used to manage a European project Solid Base Erasmus + for the Czech Republic aimed at creating models of financial self-sufficiency and financial sustainability for farmers and coordinators of CSAs together with partners from Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Poland. In 2019, she returned to the idea of setting up a national CSA network and she is working on it with others to this day.

Jana also works as an auditor and consultant in the international project Eco-school and in the organization KOKOZA which focuses on education of the public on the topic of community gardens, community town composting and vermicomposting, where she is currently coordinating the project Food Loop at schools, including workshops for students and teachers. She is also creating a guide for teachers on how to start and how to integrate a closed cycle of food into educational processes and life at school.