Joanna Bojczewska

Agroecology educator and gardener experienced in permaculture cultivation in Britain and Poland. Founder of the “Ekopoletko i Przyjaciele” eco-farm in Stryszów near Krakow – for 3 years she has been conducting a micro scale (20 ares) biodiverse vegetable culture applying natural methods and permaculture economy principles, including the CSA model (community-supported agriculture). She taught in the Agroecology Studio in the Creators’ Village, and she currently works with Permakultura.Edu. Animator of the Food Sovereignty Movement Nyeleni Polska and Nyeleni Europe, working for the pro-social vision of agriculture, from the field and plate to global politics, this year executing the project of Agroecology training, and global agriculture and food system management for leaders and activists of grass-roots organisations within the Nyeleni movement (Agro-Perma-Lab Project). Graduate of the Ecological Folk High School. She collaborates within agroecological education networks with organisations in Great Britain, Italy and Romania. Initiator of intergenerational meetings and exchange of knowledge between farmers of various profiles (traditional, eco, permaculture). Author of short films, anthropologist by vocation, Rinzai Line of Zen student.

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