Gośka Isphording

Harpsichordist specialising in contemporary music. Graduate of the Academy of Music in Cracow and the Royal Conservatory in the Hague. Currently, she is the professor of contemporary harpsichord techniques at the Conservatory in Amsterdam. Gośka is also a guest lecturer in Saragossa, Vienna, Brussels, Groningen, Poznań and Warsaw. She performs solo and in chamber ensembles, and participates in theatre and multimedia projects. Together with a flute player Karolina Bäter she forms a duo The Roentgen Connection; her other collaborations include Ensemble 306, and electronic music studios STEIM in Amsterdam, SARC in Belfast and BEAST in Birmingham. She premiered nearly hundred pieces by such composers as Yannis Kyriakides, Roderik de Man, Eduardo Moguillansky, Agata Zubel and Hanna Kulenty, and most composers dedicated their works to Isophording. Gośka collaborated, among others, with Theo Loevendie, Karlheinz Essl, Joe Cutler, Georg Hajdu, Annelies van Parys, Henry Vega, and groups: ensemble Brooomm!, Asko|Schönberg, The Riot Ensemble, Camerata Silesia, and Dafô Quartet. She recorded a solo album with Polish contemporary music Per Clavicembalo Moderno (DUX 2008), and made recordings of single pieces for monographic albums of Elżbieta Sikora (DUX 2008) and Hanna Kulenta (DUX 2011). Gośka Isphording participated in phonographic projects of POW Ensemble Continuum/ Box of Brix (X-OR 2010) and Arturas Bumšteinas’ Stories from the Organ Safari (NMKC 2010).