Agata Kiedrowicz

Designer, curator, educator. She teaches at the School of Form, Academy of Art in Szczecin, and in Collegium da Vinci where she directs a post-graduate programme in fashion and new media. She collaborates with designers, artists, cultural and artistic institutions. Curator of numerous exhibitions, including “Polish Design Island”, “It Feels! Design of the Senses” presented, e.g. at Arena Design 2017, at the conference TEDx “Senses”, during Vienna Design Week, Brussels Design September, Łódź Design Festival and at the Polish Embassy in Copenhagen. Author of interdisciplinary work at the junction of humanities, art and design. Particularly interested in design for the senses, she applies her sensory knowledge in her own practice – together with Marta Szostak she leads a design studio SUPERGIRLS DO DESIGN specialising in creating sets and culinary experiences. Kiedrowicz created two original scents as a part of the project “Kitchen sensorium”. She studies sensory practices of artists and designers, publishes articles and interviews, writes for e.g. Design Alive, KUKBUK, FUTU, Monitor Magazine, Notes na 6 tygodni, on the Liberal Culture website and for academic publishers.