Krzysztof Kliszczyński

Sociologist, lecturer, LGBT activist. Co-founder of the Helpline for Gays, Lesbians and their families run by Lambda Warszawa where he worked in 1995–2015. Co-founder of the Lambda Warszawa association, coordinator of support activities until 2015. In the years 2007–2015 (with a short hiatus) and currently – chairperson of the association board. Coordinator of numerous projects carried out by Lambda Warszawa (including ASOS, Living Libraries, support groups). Coordinator and co-founder of the Lambda Warszawa Archive – the largest Polish queer archive, collecting materials on the history of the Polish non-heteronormative community (the collection includes Polish LGBT+ press, leaflets, posters, private archives, and documents of first organisations). Chief editor of the “QueerStoria” magazine. Warsaw enthusiast and avid traveller.