Krystyna Ptok

Nurse, MA in sociology (Silesian University in Katowice). Head of the National Trade Union of Nurses and Midwives – OZZPiP (since 2017), Deputy Chairwoman of the Forum of Trade Unions, Chairwoman of the Healthcare Sector of the Forum of Trade Unions representing 10 union organisations operating within healthcare. Union activist at all levels of OZZPiP: Since 1998 Chairwoman of the Inter-company Union Organisation of OZZPiP in Katowice, with over 1,000 members and including 18 employers. From 1999 to 2013 she was the first deputy chairwoman of the board of the Silesia Region, in 2013–2017 chairwoman of the region. Member of the OZZPiP National Board (2005–2017). She works for safety and protection of work of healthcare employees and patients. Involved in professional and social issues. In 2005–2013 Ptok was a Member and Chairwoman of the Powiat Employment Council in Katowice, as a representative of the Trade Unions Forum. In 2004–2009 she organised training courses for nurses in ECG under the auspices of the District Chamber of Nurses and Midwives (OIPiP) in Katowice and Heart Surgery Foundation, attended by hundreds of participants. Instructor at courses in long-term care for nurses, organised by OIPiP in Katowice. For two terms she served as a Member of OIPiP in Katowice, and since 2015 she is the Member of the Head Council of Nurses and Midwives in Warsaw.