Iwona Wagner

PhD, research fellow of the UNESCO Chair of Ecohydrology and Applied Ecology at the University of Łódź and the European Regional Ecohydrology Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences. She studies the ecohydrology of urban areas, blue-green infrastructure, rainwater management and adaptation of cities to climate change. She participated in numerous projects concerning these issues, including: SWITCH – the first European project devoted to the sustainable management of rainwater in cities, LIFE EH-REK – developing and implementing methods for the rehabilitation of small recreational reservoirs in Łódź, LIFE-RADOMKLIMA – adapting Radom spaces to climate change through the use of open water and greenery elements, as well as projects working out plans for adapting cities to climate change – 44MPA and CLIMCITIES.  Starting this year, she has become the Secretary of the interdisciplinary advisory team for the climate crisis affiliated with the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences.