POMPUJ! Weekend

PUMP! Weekend

Pump! is an art cooperative budding within Biennale Warszawa since February 2020. The name of the cooperative brings to mind water and more broadly, life-giving artistic energies which we want to pump into the social circulation of ideas. At the same time, it alludes both to the area of our activities and working methods – at Pump! we put emphasis on grass-roots activities, pumped with enthusiasm of the cooperative members.

Through experiments conducted on a small scale, we explore and test low emission agricultural techniques for indoor use which require a minimal water supply – hydroponics and aeroponics, as well as other methods of sustainable urban gardening.

PUMP! Cooperative

The project continues the “Art of the Cooperative” programme curated by Kuba Szreder. We operate thanks to the support of Biennale Warszawa and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.


The first project of the Pompuj! Cooperative is building and exhibiting a working hydroponic installation. It consists of several modules for cultivating plants and edible flowers within a closed water circulation. Soon, the installation will be displayed to the public, and for now, you can visit it with us online!


Events of the PUMP! weekend:

11 December 2020
Guided tour

Come with us on a tour of mysterious Biennale Warszawa basements where ideas and Pump! projects sprout.

Live streaming of Facebook.

12 December 2020

You can win a bunch of herbs grown thanks to hydroponics.

Live streaming of Facebook. Link to the quiz here.

13 December 2020
Kompost concert

KOMPOST is an eco-feminist duo formed by Nina Józefina Bąk (lyrics, rap) and Kasia Kalinowska (beats). KOMPOST makes tracks about both great challenges of living in the world and simple everyday pleasures.

Live streaming of Facebook.

We will pump more details into pompuj.com