There Are No Spectators

Online Discussion with Spanish Artist Collective Democracia and Collective Syrena

Event accompanying the exhibition "We Protect You From Yourselves"

On the opening weekend, Biennale Warszawa invites everyone to meet with Democracia, the creators of the exhibition We Protect You From Yourselves and collective Syrena.

The conversation will be moderated by curator Sylwia Serafinowicz of a/political.

This event will be a conversation between Democracia and Syrena, a local collective participating in the recent Warsaw protests. The conversation will revolve around the political context of artwork featured in the exhibition We Protect You From Yourselves, which visualises state control and dissent. The series We Protect You From Yourselves, 2013 will be the focus of a discussion around methods of police control and pacification recently witnessed on a global scale. We will investigate why Democracia choose to imitate the language of the authorities, what difficulties they have encountered when approaching the problem of social inequality in their work ORDER, and perhaps most importantly, what motivated both Democracia and Syrena to take action.

The meeting will be held in English, without interpreting. Join us in a Zoom meeting.

Link to the Meeting:

Meeting ID: 898 3572 2327
Passcode: Zapraszamy

We encourage everyone to join the discussion and send us questions on the chat. The moderator will ask them on your behalf.

The meeting will be streamed on our Facebook profile and recorded. To protect your image, we ask you to keep your cameras and microphones off for the entire event.