AI on Tractors?

Debate with Andrea Beste, Karolina Jarmołowska, Paweł Kobielus, Kuba Kulesza, Jan Skoczylas Moderator: Weronika Koralewska

Project carried out together with the Heinrich Böll Foundation

An autonomous tractor without a driver crosses acres of fields, guided by data transferred in real time from a drone hovering in the air. A distant scenario? For some time already big-tech has been entering the agricultural sector, amassing more and more power and overtaking means of production in this industry. Who controls the contemporary food system? Huge platforms do not spare means to make an increasing number of farmers dependent on them, and oversee crops and supply chains. The increasing influence of platforms in agriculture will be the point of departure for the discussion. Technological modernisation packaged in smart solutions in fact appropriates the means of production, leading to the colonization of nature and monopolization of the food market.

Perhaps innovation in agriculture does not have to come from large corporations, and new technological tools can produce farming communities that form cooperatives or other informal groups and function as open source technologies accessible to all? Together with our guests, we will also try to ponder how new technologies can support farmers working in agroecology. What original, alternative and innovative technologies is agroecology already developing? What grass-roots activities based on open source technologies can support smaller farmers who run green farms, farming cooperatives and more direct ways of healthy food distribution?

Admission free, in Polish, without translation