Biennale Warszawa is the name of an interdisciplinary public cultural institution established in 2017. This name is used also to indicate a 2-year-long programming cycles that determine the work rhythm of the institution. The first such cycle, devoted to issues connected to alternative political, economic, social, educational and cultural projects began in the autumn of 2017 and lasted until June 2019. Biennale Warszawa is also the name of the new interdisciplinary event whose first edition was presented in May and June 2019 in Warsaw. It included plays and performative projects, exhibitions of visual arts, results of the work of interdisciplinary creative teams, pieces created in the course of 2-year social and educational projects, as well as results of a research and theoretical programme which is a part of Biennale Warszawa ongoing activity. The organisation of an interdisciplinary international event in the form of a biennale is one of the institution’s statutory objectives.

The programme of the 1st edition of Biennale Warszawa “Let’s Organize Our Future!” was a summary, completion and extension of two years of the institution’s activities, focused around issues related to new political projects, as well as economic, social, ecological and educational alternatives.  It consisted of our own creations, works made especially for the event, as well as showing the work of invited artists, institutions, organisations, teams and collectives.