Edible plants

Intergenerational workshops (in Polish)

Graphic design: Michał Dąbrowski
Graphic design: Michał Dąbrowski

Have you ever considered that plants you crush under your feet when you walk on the grass can be a rich source of vitamins, minerals and healing substances? Our grandparents knew that – they didn’t have as much access to medication and nutritional supplements as we have, so they used what nature had to offer. We are also slowly becoming interested in plants as both food and cure. Join us for a walk during which we will learn to identify certain plants growing in our closest environment, and learn about their properties. Together, we will make them into a marinade, so bring a scolded glass jar to the workshop.

The workshop will be conducted by

Admission is free. Registration required via the application form on our website. The number of places is limited, participants accepted on the first come, first served basis. The workshop will be conducted only in Polish, without translation.

The intergenerational workshop is intended for children aged 7–14 with guardians (1+1). The workshop will last 1h30. We’ll meet in the palace in Jabłonna (near Warsaw).

There will be a photographer present to document the workshop. Participation in the workshop means you consent to the use of the image of both the child and their guardian by Biennale Warszawa for the purpose of the promotion of its activities, and conducting its information policy.