Georg Blokus

Georg Blokus, born in 1987 near the Polish Solidarnosc city of Gdansk, is the Director of our Berlin Hub, which primarily runs the School of Transnational Activism providing a space for participatory research, leadership training, community building, and advanced reflection for youth activists, NGO campaigners, movement builders, union organisers, popular educators, and political artists seeking for skills, tools, and connections in transformative organising. He is a psychologist by training and has been working for several years as a political organiser, educator & strategist with progressive grassroots movements, trade unions, and civil society organisations. Because of his own family history, his focus is on organising workers, migrants, and their communities to build solidarity and fight for their rights beyond borders. Before joining European Alternatives in early 2021, he worked as Artistic-Pedagogical Director of the Academy of the Arts of the World/Cologne from 2014 to 2016 and directed the SCHOOL OF POLITICAL HOPE, which he initiated in 2017 as a place for citizens, communities, and civil society actors seeking inspiration, empowerment, and support to overcome our feeling of powerlessness.