Room to Bloom: Trust Without Borders: Trust & Women's and LGBTQI Rights in the Digital Space

Focus group workshop

A 3-hour workshop (with built-in breaks) following a carefully developed Dramaturgy by Georg Blokus and supported by Kasia Wojcik (School of Political Hope, European Alternatives Berlin) the workshop will investigate the question of trust online, specifically applied to women and LGBTQI rights and how these are contested, consolidated or transformed in the virtual space.

Stories of political trust and mistrust will be exchanged, causal structures of the omnipresent climate of political distrust will be analyzed, and activist strategies for building transnational trust in the digital space will be shared. A concluding discussion forum will focus on the question of how we can create solidarity beyond borders together in the digital space and what role safety and bravery play in particular.

This workshop is part of a research on trust without borders led by European Alternatives.
This focus group will be in the frame of EA’s participatory action research project “Trust Without Borders“.