Room To Bloom: Imagining New Fictions

Artist’s Talk I and Discussion with Ana Maria Millan & Sonya Dyer

Short intro on Room To Bloom project: Ségolène Pruvot 

Artist’s Talks I  and Discussion with Sonya Dyer & Ana Maria Millan

The artists’ talk will offer the exploration of new ways of visualising the future, that take AI as allies, while being developed in full knowledge of their limitations.

Ana Maria work RolePlay is an interesting association between physical engagement of participants in the long run and digital reality creation within video-games that allow for new forms of visualisation of the future. Ana Maria Millan has worked in several contexts with Rolplay, a very strong method at the basis of the collaborative elaboration of video Games (including with the feminists involved in the peace process in Colombia).

Sonya’s work reimagines where the centre is located in fictional narratives of the future. She combines revisits Ancient myths with speculative world building through the lens of science fiction. Hailing Frequencies Open (HFO), her current body of work, combines social justice with speculation, fantasy with the political.

The artist talk shall address issues such as speculative fictions, mythologies, world building, Black female subjectivities as well as the actual liberatory potential of tech and its limitation and biases.

Admission free, in English