Room to Bloom

Room to Bloom is a training and peer-to-peer learning programme that will support 100 young feminist artists. It funds 15 artistic productions, which will be staged in international Biennales (Palermo, Kiev, Warsaw). The supported artists will engage in constructing feminist and postcolonial artistic narratives of Europe.

The objective is to create a network of artists who create feminist and postcolonial transnational artistic narratives of Europe. The project proposes to bring back the periphery to the centre of the European Cultural Narrative.

By associating people who – too often – occupy a peripheral place in the world of arts and places who are considered to be geographically peripheral (Sicily, Ukraine, Poland, Greece), the project aims at building a discourse on European Culture that is fully built on the experience and knowledge of the periphery and to bring it back to the centre. The project partnership involves arts institutions and partners from France (Alternatives Européennes), Sweden (Museums of Cultures of the World, Gothenburg), Italy (Studio Rizoma) and Germany/Greece (AthenSyn). It includes informal partners from Ukraine, Poland and beyond.

Open call

Room to Bloom launches its platform with an open call for artists working on postcolonial feminism 

This Spring 2021, Room to Bloom begins its journey with an open call for applications addressing young feminist artists. Through this call, the platform will collectively select a group of emerging feminist artists to participate in a mix of trainings, workshops and talks throughout the year. All the selected participants will be presented in our online index of artists  that will be publicly available and distributed among international artistic institutions.

Room to Bloom, co-run by arts institutions and partners from France (European Alternatives)), Sweden (Museums of Cultures of the World, Gothenburg), Italy (Studio Rizoma) and Germany/Greece (AthenSyn), launches its programme online and approaching artists and creators from all across the globe imagining new methodologies that allow participants to de-centre Europe, to articulate a new centrality for the peripheries of the world and re-establish Europe’s rapport with Northern Africa and the Americas. 

The journey of Room to Bloom begins with the launch of an open call for young artists and creators working in the field of ecofeminism and postcolonial practices, that are willing to engage in a transnational networking crafting new narratives for Europe. Together with an advisory board specially formed for the platform, Room to Bloom will select 100 artists operating with feminist practices. Out of them, 15 artists will be selected to work over the Summer to produce artworks reflecting on the central themes of the platform. In a collective curatorial process, the 15 artworks selected will be pointing out new ways for transnational, post-colonial and environmentally sensible art practices to imagine new possible futures for women and minorities in the Art world. Room to Bloom artworks will be exhibited in the context of the art biennale curated by Studio Rizoma, in the Biennale of Kyiv and the Biennale of Warsaw. 

Deadline to apply is 23 April, midnight CET.
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