Room to Bloom: Imagining New Fictions

Artists Talks II, Hybrid Event with Niki Analyti (Future Proofing), Elly Cho, Nadia Verena Marcin (SophyGray)

The Biennial reflects and builds on the possibilities and risks associated with the development of the virtual world. Discover three artists from New York/Berlin, Greece and South Korea who explore notions of future, memory and patriarchalism and develop new narratives.

The feminist audio bot #SOPHYGRAY (2021-2023) was created in response to compliant digital service assistants like Alexa and Siri with ground-breaking excerpts from bell hooks, Donna Haraway, Silvia Federici, Audre Lorde, and Anna Lowenhaupt-Tsing (+) that amusingly refute gendered expectations. As ways of working are currently re-evaluated around the world, this work critically and humorously examines the ideological implications of female voices in VA technology. Symbolically, “Sophy” asks, “What would it look like to rewire the modus operandi of service apps?”

Elly Cho will introduce the Mimesis Rapture: fake machine is an online interactive art exhibition, which depicts the extinction crisis caused by climate change. Reflecting on the risks associated with the development of the virtual world, as a practical experimentation & gesture. The project is an attempt to use human agents as a tool to engage the public using fake facial recognition systems.

In a practical experimentation & gesture, RoomToBloom invites the audience of Biennale Warszawa to engage in a hybrid onsite + virtual exercise. Three of the artists of the RoomtoBloom Network will present their work. The audience will be onsite and online. Participants will be invited to interact with transfeminist virtual cyborg #SophyGray via a downloadable app.

Admission free, in English