Room to Bloom: Writing an Anti-manual for Feminist and Decolonial Art & Cultural Management

Workshop, with the participation of Lena Chen and Ségolène Pruvot

A 2 hours workshop, in which we invite selected artists and art practitioners to exchange on feminist art management practices and co-write non-guidelines on feminist and art.

As part of Room to Bloom a process is ongoing, that builds on the Code of Practice for Feminist Art Institutions created by to elaborate a Manifesto + Non-Guide for Decolonial Feminist Art & Cultural Management.

RTB can bring in this process to Warsaw to include within the reflection and writing process Warsaw Based participants, i.e. effectively opening up the Room to Bloom network to Warsaw based people. The results of this workshop will be fully integrated into a year long process leading to the publication of the Manifesto + non-guide.

Workshop led by Ségolène Pruvot and Lena Chen.