Agnieszka Lichnerowicz

Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. She has worked with Radio TOK FM for over a dozen years. As a reporter, Agnieszka travelled to Belarus; covered the war (and then its fallout) in Georgia; observed subsequent elections in Russia; visited Ukraine amid the Orange Revolution and Maidan events, as well as the Crimea annexed by Russia and war-torn Donbass. She provided journalistic coverage of dozens of Brussel summits and state visits of Polish authorities’ representatives; she went to Tunisia and Egypt during the so-called Arab Spring; for several years of the country’s transformation she has been visiting Myanmar. As a journalist, Agnieszka is particularly interested in transformations and social movements, historical politics, social policies and economic ideologies, and foreign affairs, especially in Eastern Europe. Laureate of awards, including the Ryszard Kapuściński award of the Polish Press Agency.