Andrzej W. Nowak

Andrzej W. Nowak. Institute of Philosophy at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Interested in social ontology, social studies of science (technoscience) and actor-network theory. Particularly focused on the relationship of knowledge structures and socio-scientific controversies Also interested in issues of development and underdevelopment, particularly center – periphery relations in modern world-system. Author of books: Ontological Imagination (Wyobraźnia ontologiczna),  Agency, system, modernity (Podmiot, system, nowoczesność,) and togheter with K. Abirszewski i M. Wróblewski Whose Fears ? Whose Science? (Czyje lęki? Czyja nauka?). Author of  and dozens of scholarly articles, an active participant in public life, occasional columnist, also present in the blogosphere.