New Extractivism

Lecture: Vladan Joler

At this moment in the 21st century, we see a new form of extractivism that is well underway: one that reaches into the furthest corners of the biosphere and the deepest layers of human cognitive and affective being. The stack behind contemporary technological systems goes well beyond the multi-layered ‘technical stack’ of data modelling, hardware, servers and networks. The full stack reaches much further into capital, labour and nature, and demands an enormous amount of each. This map and accompanying footnotes are one big messy assemblage of different concepts and ideas, assembled into one semi-coherent picture – or let us say, a map, a world view. The concepts presented are mostly represented here visually in the form of allegories. All of these allegories and concepts together, joined in the form of an assemblage, create a blueprint of a machine-like superstructure: a super allegory. In that sense what we have here is an almost fractal allegorical structure — an allegory within an allegory within an allegory.

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