Discover the biotreasure in your own trash, or the power of composting

Intergenerational workshop (in Polish)

Graphic design: Michał Dąbrowski
Graphic design: Michał Dąbrowski

Until recently, only a small group of garden allotment enthusiasts were familiar with composting. But it slowly begins to catch on all over the world – quite right, too! Valuable “bio” waste should be collected in every household, and the lucky ones can start composting themselves. What does it involve? Composting is simply mimicking nature which decomposes all organic matter, both animal and plant, into basic elements. This ingenious solution makes way for new life, and at the same time provides it with nutrients. Did you know that there are millions of micro and macroorganisms living in the soil fertilized with compost? Moreover, plants fuelled with compost are stronger and more nutritious for us to eat. And the final wow-argument: composting helps protect climate and prevent its change. How is this possible? During the workshop you will hear the tale of the power of composting, and you will learn how to begin an adventure of your lives. Composting is easy, you just need to learn a few rules of the successful decomposition of organic matter. You will meet perfect assistants in the composting process, and even take them home straight away, if you want!

The workshop will be conducted by

Admission is free. The number of places is limited, registration required via the application form on our website. The workshop will be conducted only in Polish, without translation.

The workshop is intended for children aged 7–14 with guardians (1+1). We’ll meet up in Botanical Gardens of the University of Warsaw (Al. Ujazdowskie 4).

There will be a photographer present to document the workshop. Participation in the workshop means you consent to the use of the image of both the child and their guardian by Biennale Warszawa for the purpose of the promotion of its activities, and conducting its information policy.